Our Impact

We're SO thrilled to announce our partnership with Shopping Gives!

But what does that mean for us as a business day to day!

For us, giving to causes that are close to our heart & we’re giving 1% of all sales back to the causes of your choice - at no extra cost to you!

We’re committed to supporting awareness & research all year round and we’ve selected 6 causes that sit close to home & close to our hearts -

Krabbe Connect - A 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to bridging the gap between research and patients & families affected by Krabbe Disease

Krabbe leukodystrophy is a degenerative disorder that affects the nervous system. It is caused by the shortage (deficiency) of an enzyme called galactosyleramidase (GALC). This enzyme deficiency results in defective myelin, the covering that insulates many nerves. Krabbe disease is considered part of a group of disorders known as leukodystrophies, which result from the imperfect growth and development of myelin. Krabbe disease usually begins before the age of 1 (early-onset form). Initial signs and symptoms often include feeding difficulties, episodes of unexplained fever, stiff posture, and developmental delay. As the disease progresses, muscles continue to weaken, affecting the infant’s ability to move, chew, swallow, and breathe. Affected infants also experience vision loss and intellectual disability. Krabbe disease is caused by mutations in the GALC gene and is inherited by being passed down through families.

This terrible disease took the life of our precious girl just before her 3rd birthday. to remember her, I want to say Happy Birthday in heaven our beautiful princess 👸🏻 Caoilainn Nicole O’Donnell, you are loved beyond the depths of our souls, missed beyond our comprehension and remembered always & forever.

Polaris Project - Polaris reshapes the systems that allow for sex and labor trafficking in North America and operates the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation - Investing in research that's changing how we think about breast cancer.

Allison Lynn Messenger - She's taught us how to fight & we'll fight forever!

American Heart Association - For nearly 100 years, the American Heart Association has been fighting heart disease and stroke and helping families and communities thrive.

James J. Doyle | 3/3/1964 - 9/2/2014 | I love you daddy.
A man who loved his job and touched all who came in contact with him. Missed and loved by all

Best Friends Animal Society - Best Friends and their 3,100+ shelter and rescue partners are saving lives and achieving no-kill at an unprecedented rate. A no-kill United States is in sight.

Paws With A Cause - PAWS enhances the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities nationally through custom-trained #assistancedogs

Every small donation makes a larger impact!